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Why Rent a Limo for Your Teen's Prom?

Why Rent a Limo for Your Teen's Prom?
Prom isn't just any old dance. It's a major event that will leave your teen with lasting memories. With that in mind, making sure that your high school students have the best time possible should be on the prom-night agenda.Even though you want nothing short of the best night ever for your teen, you also want to make sure that they're safe. And here's where a limo comes in. If the thought of a 17-year-old driving your teen around (or your teen  a group of friends) is  provoking, hiring a professional driver takes some of the stress out of this big night.Along with saving your sanity (that is, saving you from worrying too much), you'll find plenty of other reasons to hire a limo for prom night. Take a look at some of the top reasons why parents go with a chauffeured selection.Legal Transport at NightYour teen and their friends have their driver's licenses. But that doesn't mean they can drive at all hours of the night. For example, in California, teens between the ages of 16 and 18 have provisional driver's licenses. A provisional driver's license doesn't allow teens to drive between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. for the first 12 months. Teens who are at least 18 and have a full license aren't allowed to drive between midnight and 5 a.m. either.If your teen's prom ends at 11 or they are planning on attending an after-party, a limo can keep the fun going. Instead of turning into Cinderella at 11 or midnight, your teen can stay out much later - with the limo driver doing all the driving.Spacious CapacityAgain, a provisional license comes with restrictions. Along with the hours your teen can legally drive, graduated driver's licensing laws also dictate how many passengers can be in the car and if they have to be adults. If your teen has more than just their date going with them, driving with anything less than a full license isn't always possible.Not only does your teen's driver's license put a limit on the passengers who can ride with them, but their car (or your car) probably isn't large enough to accommodate everyone. A limo lets your teen's entire group go in one car. From a practical standpoint, this is a much easier transportation option than splitting the gang up into four or more cars.Stylish SettingShowing up at prom in mom's minivan isn't exactly a statement that most teens want to make. Unless you have a super-standout car that you're willing to let your teen drive, a limo is a much more stylish option than what's already available.Your teen can pull up to the school (or party venue) in style with a lux limo. Beyond this, the limo is a picturesque place where your teen can take photos - either inside or outside.Party on WheelsThe party can get started on the way to the prom and continue on afterward. How? In the limo, of course. Instead of having to worry about driving, your teen (and their friends) can sit back, relax and  the prom fun in the back of a limo.Keep in mind, limo services and their drivers want to make your child's safety a top priority. That's why alcohol isn't permitted in chauffeured cars. While older limo renters (people who are over 21) might have Champagne or wine, teens are restricted for obvious reasons. Even though your teen is partying in the limo, this is a completely nonalcoholic type of fun.Do you need a limo for your teen's prom? Luxury Limousine Service can help.

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