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01.29.2018 Planning a Business Trip for Your Boss: What You Need to Know

Your boss has a business trip coming up. Whether it's only one night away or they're going to a major conference for the next week, it's your job to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Scratch that. It's your job to make sure that your boss doesn't have to lift a finger during the planning process, gets to and from their destination without incident and has a completely stress-free trip.
When your job's future hangs on how you plan your boss's business trip, creating a seamless itinerary that eliminates potential hassles that your employer may have is absolutely essential. Churning out A+ work on the planning and prep tasks may translate into a promotion or pay bump for you. At the very least, you'll have your boss's confidence — and possibly their appreciation too.
What do you need to consider when planning the travel end of a business trip for your employer?
Booking Travel Times
The keynote speech that your boss is flying across the country to give is beyond important. It's the highlight of their career. And it's your job to get them there on time. That is, to get them there on time without wasting extra days traveling. Your boss has a business to run, employees to manage and possibly a family that they actually want to see. This means they don't want to arrive at the industry conference two days before it kicks off.
Even though you don't want your boss to miss their meeting, speech, training or anything else they're traveling for, you also don't want them to take too much time out of their life at home. If possible, book a nonstop flight. This may add to the trip's price tag, but it will save valuable time. It also reduces the risk that your boss may show up late. Lengthy layovers or missed connections can turn what should be a short trip into an all-day affair.
Keep in mind that some people have preferences when it comes to travel times. Consult your boss, asking if they'd rather take an overnight flight or wait until the daylight to travel. Along with the time of day, check their schedule on the day of travel. If they typically drop their child off at daycare or have a breakfast meeting scheduled, an afternoon flight is an option to investigate. But if their a.m.'s are completely clear, they might want to leave as early as possible.
Arranging On-Ground Transportation
It isn't likely that your boss will pat you on the head and give you a gold star if they arrive at their destination only to find that they have to wait in a long line to hail a cab or rent a car. Arrange on-ground transportation that's already waiting for them upon arrival. Contact a limo company in the destination city and book a chauffeured car. Bonus points if you arrange for the car to come fully stocked with snacks and refreshing beverages.
Your boss also needs transportation around town and a ride home from the airport when they get back into town. Make sure that the limo service is available, and scheduled for all of your boss's pick-ups and drop-offs during their trip time. If you aren't picking them up from the airport yourself (when they travel back), have another chauffeured car available to ferry them home. Again, have the car stocked with snacks, water, and anything else that your boss may need after an exhausting travel-filled day.
Adding Extra Thought
Impressing your boss means going a step above and beyond. The in-car refreshments will help, but they aren't the only trick to put in your pocket. When booking a hotel, keep the overall room arrangement in mind.
If the hotel has a noisy bar on the second floor, book a room that's as far away as possible. If the hotel has a kid-filled indoor pool, make sure that your boss's room isn't anywhere near the splashy, water-drenched area. But if your boss wants to get in a morning workout, a room that's close to the hotel's gym is a plus.
Do you need to book on-ground transportation for your boss? Luxury Limousine Service can help.
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