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Tips fora Better Date Night


3 Tips fora Better Date Night
When you have kids, daily routines can rule your life. Between getting children off to school, doing well at work, and trying to focus on your own health, you might unintentionally neglect your spouse. Fortunately, you can protect your relationship by scheduling regular date nights with your special someone.Here are three tips for a better date night, and why you should make time away from home a priority.1. Arrange Professional TransportationIt is important to make your downtime count.

Limo Bus Death Hurts Industry

JIM LUFF: Limo Bus Death Hurts Industry
A 17-year-old foreign student who rode a limo party bus ends up dead. The operator basically says: Not my fault. In the early morning hours of Oct. 8, 17-year-old Mikkel Christian Anderson was left behind at a restroom stop near a Los Angeles freeway after riding on a “party bus” during the night. Anderson was a participant in what has become known in the industry as a “party bus trip.” It would be his last party. He was struck by a car trying to cross a freeway after being left behind by the chauffeur and a “promoter.

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Limo Bus Death Hurts Industry


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